Sunday, October 08, 2006

Inspiring Workshops for Poets of All Levels

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Between 1986 and December 2010 I have conducted "Poetry Immersion Classes" sometimes through the Eugene Oregon Parks and Recreation Department,in 1989 through the SUNY extended education department in Potsdam New York, and sometimes in my own home, wherever that happens to be at the time. These classes attempt to create an inspiring atmosphere in which beginning and experienced poets alike can find their creative voice and many of my students have since become known poets in their own right. I am happy to travel to conduct workshops. If you are interested in my services, please contact me at

I Am the Woman, Copyright 1988 Video 2007

I Am The Woman

I am the woman who
tore the bird
away from the cat

swaddled it lightly
in terry cloth

paced up and down
the street with it
not knowing what to do next

but then felt it move
shift in her hand
shuffle and flutter

I am the woman
who opened a bundle
and saw a bird rise

Copyright 1987
Joan Dobbie